As someone dear to us has yelled before, “I WANT TO KNOW! I WANT TO KNOW!!!!!”

The mystery is un-shrouded, whether it is Peter Rowan or Rowan Peter.

Or is it that simple?

I hear crickets from down under.

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An early 90s builder of the web and blogging Alan Levine barks at on web storytelling (#ds106 #4life), photography, bending WordPress, and serendipity in the infinite internet river. He thinks it's weird to write about himself in the third person.


  1. You’re a maniac! That’s all I have to say. And who the hell has Peter as a last name? So confusing, especially when the first name is Rowan…or is it?

  2. The video is funny and flattering. It was great to see my #ds106 lawn and hear one of my field recordings in the video. I finally got to see the REAL Peter Rowan too!

    Thanks for putting it together.

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