The Daily Create Seven Day Challenge piles up hard this week, with another video one today (I did not even look to see what was lined up when I made the challenge). For today’s we have 18 Challengers still standing, which is respectable. Where’s the others? preparing to have sand kicked into their faces, I bet?

Today was another in a series suggested by @noiseprofessor, a philosophy series, “What technology you cannot live without?”:

What can you expect? Mobile phones? Web sites? Computers? Cars? Check out some favorites below the fold…

Audrey Watters reminds us of the crucialness of vision, get up close to her contacts

This is one I agree with totally, cannot life without the brown magic liquid

A beautiful (and philosophical) response by someone in the southern hemisphere! (is this you Malywn?)

Melanie cannot live without the technology handed to us by Sir Thomas Crapper (makes a decent place to read books too)

I love the live drawing by raefaring on her connective technology (we guess she can pass on the cars and planes)

I knew my gadget freak friend Coop would choose her Android phone!

Andrew Forgrave goes miles beyond the expectations for a TDC (this ought to be an example for an assignment) of his watery tech

Lisa Lane (great to see her in the mix) has FIVE! Let’s hear it for indoor plumbing, penicillin, pencils, lined paper, refrigeration

These are just the samples, see the rest at

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