The future of education is now. This is the single biggest change is education since…” maybe the film strip?

Giulia pointed me to a video clip on the Paleofuture site featuring what the future of education would like (from a vantage point of 1967). The full film, “1999 A.D.” was produced by the electronics firm Philco– it was their 75th birthday and they wanted to show the world what it would look like by the end of the millenium.

(For trivia’s sake the husband in the film is played by world class actor game show host Wink Martindale).

Anyhow, the idea of learning in the home via video lectures and multiple choice tests feels so… 2012. Like now. Like MOOCx now. And the effect on the learner? We’ll see in this little mashup I could not help but create.

Not every portion of the unevenly distributed future is worthy dipping into. Watch your step.

The only thing, is we are almost 13 years later than predicted.

Now about those flying cars…

Sites like Paleofuture, Retronaut, the internet archive ephemral films are just brimming with potential for mashups and remixes. So many things to snark…

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