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Computers have feelings usually not expressed. They have hurt, anger, depression, and in this case, inordinate feelings of inferiority. Today’s Daily Create was to make a blue screen of death message using type only. My screen just wants to die and not come back.

I made this in GIMP. I downloaded the fixed system font to give it that true Windows appearance and modeled it after an example I found on the Google. Opening it in another GIMP window, I used the drop tool to grab the blue color, filled my background. I typed in the word “windows” and put a new layer behind it with the gray box, and then flipped the text color to that same blue background color. By clicking the link icons in the layer palette, I could move them around together.

Sometimes when I need text, I find stuff online to model; After some googling on “inferiority compleex example” I found a message board to lift some starter text, and then just re-wrote it in a plain text editor, then pasted in GIMP.

Listen to your machines. They might be telling you something.

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  1. I’d put in an equivalent Apple screen here, but all the fonts are proprietary, and anyways, when an Apple goes down, it denies that it’s crashing, then it doesn’t tell you anything more, it just stops responding. ;)

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