Here is another story demo for ds106, using my Five Card Flickr Stories site to generate a story from 5 random photos drawn from the Daily Create pool.

I still find these a lot of fun.

Five Card Story: Oh Brother

a The Daily Create story created by CogDog

flickr photo by Michael Branson Smith

flickr photo by JanusAjax

flickr photo by Bookhenge

flickr photo by b__parsons

flickr photo by cogdogblog

Mt brother, the big time write. He has one novel published, and his life now consists of running from podunk town book store to another to sign it for 12 frumpy housewives.

He is always telling me that writing is the only form of art. He hates my drawings. He refused to even use my sketch for his book cover. Last night when he dropped in for dinner (after visiting OUR podunk town bookstore, hah hah) (and me the starving grad student paying for his pizza), he left yet another copy on my shelf. I guess I am sort of proud of him, but I just want to sit at the starbucks counter sipping my lattes, and dreaming in technicolor. I imagine strange new worlds of pictures, dairy gods. I see a cartoon world where I whip his butt in miniature golf. And he is silent.

I’m kind of glad to drop his author butt at the airport, on his way to Boise or Tuscaloosa or Bridgeport.

Damn, he left another copy of that book in my glove compartment.

Maybe I’ll read it. Or doodle all over the pages.

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  1. Interesting story! The thing I like most about this assignment is that someone else could get the same pictures and come up with a completely different story. I love the idea of just taking pictures and creating a story out of them. DS106 is just really bring the creative side of me out, and I’m loving it!

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