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Now With Begging Buttons

I’m awed by the generous response to my putting out a kibble bowl for patreon-ing here. All the email they send you is advice for more barrages of self promotion. I loathe that, but I sense I need to keep a drum beat going. To that end, I’ve added some bottom of the site buttons […]

Notes from the Road

Over the Map Line

My favorite thing to do in a plane is not the typical screen time– it’s window time, trying to read the textures and details of the land we fly over with the aid of machines as routinely as sitting in a car. And flying out of Phoenix, you typically get a full open view of […]


A Pour Photo Lacktribution

In ramping up for next week’s Mural UDG project on open education at the University of Guadalajara, I go back to something that, after so many years should be more enabled by technology, but is as messy as always. Giving attribution for reused photos is an old horse ridden around this blog, and this very […]

CogDog It

CogDog It Company Report

Maybe it’s that impending tax time of the year. As an independent self-employed company of (rounding up) 1.0 I start the tax forms around now, just in case it looks like a refund might be in the works. If the numbers tilt the other way, as it looks, I shelve it til April. My friend […]