Ontario Extend

Interviewing Your Domain

Do you have your own internet domain? Good! We’d like it if you can share with participants in the Ontario Extend project some wisdom from your experience. Having a domain is not part of the program, but we do have some pre-paid accounts for ones from Reclaim Hosting for participants who work through their modules. […]


Napping No More; On Credential Stuffing

In 2018, it’s time to get off the floor, stop yawning, stop ignoring the open bowl on the floor and get serious about your passwords. At least it is for me. Don’t be stuffing my creds! As supposedly a technologist, I’ve been putting this off way too long. Warning lights flicked on for me earlier […]


My #Netnarr Reflection

It’s been longer than it should have been since my Networked Narratives class at Kean University wrapped up, but as I did ask my students for a final final reflection, I turn the assignment about on me. For anyone not following along (I’d round that up to everyone); this is the second year I taught […]

Life, Memories

Son of a Lawnman

My Dad’s domain as the green grass lawn of our suburban Baltimore home. It was so much, that when he got his personal email address it started with “lawnman”. He was fanatic at watering, seeding, fertilizing, and hand pulling dandelions. In early memories there was some kind of gas powered lawn mower he used that […]