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A David Reading

File this as another lesson in being part of the Networked Narratives class — writing something personal is one thing, but reading it out loud another, and the third (still on my list) yet beyond that. This again like we are finding this course, is something that happens when we let loose a little from […]

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Break Away (3 sound #netnarr story remix)

This is somewhat for Alex, who asked for an example on how to do the 3 sound remix assignment for Networked Narratives. He’s spinning his audio wheels, which I said would likely happen. DONT PANIC! We asked students to record and share three sounds of their morning routine, representing their preparation, transportation, and arrival at […]

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A Silly CC IP-SUM Generator

There’s something I love about web generators. Not the ones that make power, but ones that power the creation of stuff. The stuff of the useless web. Everything from the tombstones to metal band names to church signs to luchador names. Maybe it’s because people make them for no other reason than because they can. […]

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Domains: The Bumper

It was almost a request… Anyone got some good ideas for a @DomainsConf radio bumper? Going live on #ds106radio Wednesday for a chat with @mburtis about her keynote. — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) March 13, 2017 Though this may not be the bumper they were looking forward to, but the sound of the JJ Cale original […]


My Un-Representative

That image above has more red than blue, but is far from mostly red, or all red. But for the “change” we are all getting in 2017, it might as well be all red. And while Arizona is a “red” state, looking at the tallies from the 2016 Presidential election, the Republican candidate “took” the […]

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Brad Gets The Treatment

Oh Brad. I think the policy here at CogDogBlog could not be more clear on the front door. But still, you persist in your inane request. So here is your treatment for your email bearing the subject line “Accepting Guest Posts on” On Tue, Mar 7, 2017 at 8:15 AM, Brad S. <brad@crappyurl.poop> wrote: […]

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Secrets Beneath A Chair

I bet you don’t ever look to see what’s on the bottom side of your furniture. I don’t. Not till today. That photo above is the bottom side of a most special piece of furniture, the rocking chair the belonged to my deceased brother. It has it’s own story (read only if you want tears). […]