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Got a Domain Calling Card?

For my newest next (unblogged) project happening all too soon, I am helping an organization in a project where educators most likely new to the concept will be setting up a Domain of Their Own (yes, of course, supported via Reclaim Hosting). And as many know, the result of people’s first peek at cpanel is […]

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Start (again)

If all goes well with the mechanics of scheduled posts, by the time this one reaches the front page of this blog, Felix and I will be well on our way. Where? A few places, but mainly just on the road. About 6 years ago I posted too of a longer trip, with a first […]

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Open as in Not PDF

I’m quickly drafting a unit for the Creative Commons Certification on “Legal vs Technical Openness”. This is to address the difference between something that is shared according to license language but is not quite re-usable because of the file formats things are shared under. e.g. proprietary software ones, ones that may not have a long […]


WP-Dimension Theme… Now With Pages

Back in February I wrote of converting an HTML5up static template to a WordPress theme I call WP-Dimension. This was also a first run at putting theme settings inside the WordPress Customizer. I run the static site for my own purposes at (I still love my domain), but the WordPress version comes in handy […]

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Names for Other People

What’s the name when a simple expression or word in someone else’s writings triggers a cascade of thoughts, related and tangential? This happened when reading Maha Bali’s rich party-hosting metaphor in Lines Not Drawn – and Invitations of Sailors #digciz. I skip most of her post (well I did read it all) her description of […]

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Measuring Dad Time

Fatherless Father’s days, round 16. Of course I do have a father, I just can’t call him on the phone as I last did in 2011. I can still write, and think, and remember. I continue to come across small things of his that I have in my home, or my tool shed. Those two […]