If I Had More Time…

I might have presented a shorter presentation. My timing was not on cue at today’s Podcasting, Schmodcasting demo at GateWay Community College, but we had a full room, folks were wide-eyed, and asking questions. Or they are just nice people. During the session, I had the iRiver running, so have made a huge, “umm”-filled recording […]


Odeo, Duh

I am quickly working up ideas for my Monday demo session on the “p-casting” word. Thinking about some of Cole’s comments desiring simplicity, I slapped my head in shock as I realize that Odea was a tool site I had known about, bookmarked, but had not really explored. Someone else can better summarize what it […]


Nancy “Snow” White: Seven Competencies of Online Interaction

Day One of the Northern Voice conference, and Nancy White is running a great session on the important assets of online interaction. I hastily set up my iRiver to get a recording, may be noisy due to proximity to projector fan. And I rushed the editing. [52 minute MP3, 24 Mb] Some sloppy written […]


3 Slopcasts

I’m liking adding some audio recordings of our Ocotillo Online Learning Group monthly meetings to the notes. It should add value for people who cannot drive to a meeting. I’ve just posted the notes from our November 4 meeting about Testing Centers for Online Students. But we sure are not talking about high end ITConversations […]


2 Miles Per Podcast

Even with podcasting being well over a year old, I am not subscribing to any particular feeds– I’ve not really found a source from where I want that much content. I had not even loaded any onto my Shuffle for the last 2-3 months. When I do listen, I am doing it the old fashioned […]

Blog Pile

Podcast Publishing With MovableType

I’ve been tinkering with my simple approach of using MovableType as a publisher engine to create podcast feeds and content listings for audio content that is used across several different web sites. While there are many ways one could go about this, I am finding this to be efficient and fast. I only have about 7 feeds set up, but they are pushing across multiple web sites, with different design layouts.

This allows me to create a single directory of content and RSS files that can be accessed by any of our other PHP web pages. So the main podcast entry page lists all the casts on our site, and th elistings provide links to web sites connected to the audio, a description, a URL for the MP3 file, and now, stealing the idea from the EDUCAUSE blogs, the slick niftyplayer, and embedded flash audio player, e.g.:


But by setting up categories, I can have content filtered to feeds that are associated with specific project, such as our Dialogue Day podcasts, Ocotillo podcasts, and our Online Learning Group podcasts.

MovableType generates the correct RSS 2.0 feeds with proper enclosure tags, as well as generates the small text files that are used to provide the content to these pages. There is also another template that provides the content used to display as “What is Podcasting” info on these different pages. It works well because it is not publishing a full blog, just some small bits of content files.

For example, a snapshot of my current directory includes:


where *.inc are the main podcats listings, * are shorter listings that are just links to the sites that include the audio, and *.xml is a podcast feed.

Below I will describe in a bit more detail how it is done and provide a download of the template files. To use these you will need to

* have a web site that uses PHP for its content pages
* have an understanding of linking to web directories up and down a web server structure
* use or be able to set up MovableType on your server (I use the last free version, 2.661, but it ought to work on the 3.x versions)