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Mission Revealed

I’ve lost any sense of what the search for the Center of the Internet means, but now, with the assistance of Obi Don Potter, I was able to get the message on the device left for me in Philadelphia. It appears I am needed to give a Storybox demo at Brock University, and I have […]


Message From the XO: Find Obi Don…

I’ve had to keep moving around here in Philly to escape notice. There are way too many people walking around in dark shades, carrying radios, looking around. I apologize for my friends who are here for the EDUCAUSE conference, but I can’t be socializing or hanging around sessions. But I now know my next location […]


How The Heck Did I Get to Philly?

Things are getting crazy here in the underground. Perhaps it is dark matter or super neutrinos, but I have somehow been transported through some sort of space/time dimension. Let’s recap what’s been happening. When I last reported, I was sticking to the instructions/clues provided by @0pcode49 and following the railroad tracks. Spooked by the scary […]

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Escaping the Hatch

Good morning everyone and thanks for the stream of messages. It really helps me cope as I have yet had any contact with other people in over 48 hours. I want to send a big shout out to Rowan Peter who has taken on the search aid from Melbourne. I was going to say “From […]