Memories In/Above the Ground

My calendar reminders were set; it was my memory that somehow put August 27 into tomorrow. My sister’s text message corrected the off by one error. Today marks the same calendar date that my Dad passed away, 16 years ago, and my mom went, ten years later. If you take a mathematical approach (and stop […]

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Measuring Dad Time

Fatherless Father’s days, round 16. Of course I do have a father, I just can’t call him on the phone as I last did in 2011. I can still write, and think, and remember. I continue to come across small things of his that I have in my home, or my tool shed. Those two […]

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Dad’s Radio

Cancer took Dad in August 2001. I don’t want to do the arithmetic on how long ago that was. Yet I did. Where is that point of the trailing off of grief and the acceptance of the norm where your parent is gone? It’s not defined at all I think of him when the calendar […]

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I Get You, Lawnman

My Dad spent a lot of time in the yard. Pushing the lawnmower. Raking leaves. Trimming the forsythia bushes. I want to say I pondered him doing that and wondered what he thought about spending all those hours out there, but maybe that is more hindsight memory. But he definitely found his own rewards from […]

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Would Have Been 66

They sure made the anniversary math easy by getting married in 1950. Today. 66 years ago. All I got was a calendar pop-up reminder. And a happy quick mind memory trip, with some rummaging through what feels like too small a set of digital photos. It can be hard to really imagine your parents as […]