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Lora and Boris Show (part deux)

Our learning object bloggers Lora and Boris are making a second appearance at the October 14-17 NMC Online Conference on Learning Objects.

Taking to a new level their story presented at MERLOT 2003, a garden varierty PowerPoint, for the NMC conference they have speaking parts as well, as the presentation appears via Macromedia Breeze, the platfom for the NMC conference.

More later on the “Breezin'” experience (is it a “mighty wind”?), but Boris and Lora are spending the weekend prepping. Their session becomes available to registered participants Monday, and later that afternoon, there is a scheduled live chat with the audience. It is an interesting format, let’s see how it flies.

We are honored that NMC has given the dynamic duo the first day spotlight, given that the morning keynote is “Mr LOs as lego blocks”, Wayne Hodgins.

After the conference, we should be able to provide a link to the show.

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