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Actually I was Blogging…

While I was not blogging here last week did not mean I was not spitting posts elsewhere ;-) For my planned trip next October to Australia, I took Nancy’s Chocolate laced advice to blog the trip by setting up on yet another blog outlet, CogDogRoo.

My plan is to not only blog the trip, but all the advanced prep I will do (putting this in public may hold me accountable).

And this was my first flavor inside hosted WordPress, and it sure is familiar, yet not quite the wide open lab you get with your own version of WP… on the other hand, for a site you can set up for free, blog, and use a lot of built-in tools without touching code, MySQL, plugins, etc, its pretty sweet.

And curse anyone who finds my old blog post about not blogging elsewhere. Despite those intentions, I have more WordPress sites that I can count on a paw.

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