Trying out One Shot from the set of the Visual Assignments in ds106.

Take a single photograph. Chop it up comic book style to create tension and narrative

This original is from my 2008 visit to Iceland, with the horse Nonni in the background laughing (or yawning at me).

cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

I am really trying to fit in to this strange landscape, and not quite making it, eventually becoming the butt of the jokes around the horse pasture:

Very funny, Nonni!

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  1. Here’s another composition possibility. Merge the 2 upper left frames, insert your text in those, delete the current text frame, extend laughing Nonni frame to top & fill above her (him?) with laughing horse sounds (hmmmmm wonder what a laughing Icelandic horse sounds like?
    Wish I had heard about the ‘course’ earlier, but am enjoying watching everyone’s submissions.

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