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I grabbed the mic for 15 minutes tonight to read a few more tales from The Thing at the Foot of the Bed. It occurred to me that this book was a bit like going back to the elementary school you attended and noting how much smaller everything is compared to your memory.

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Thats what this book is like- I thought it was scary as a kid, and now I special order this book, and most of the stories are either dumb or just silly, not all that scary.

At least one listener also had a memory of this book:

For me, this old book still has a special spot in my memory cells, so tonight I read a few samples. That is, after reading maybe the best little line from the opening:

What did one little ghost say to the other little ghost?

Do you believe in people?

I just love that. Can’t explain why.

Stories read included:

  • Here We Go in which a farmer’s family tries to deal with a troublesome “boggart“, a sort of mischief making poltergeist.
  • Talk in which a tough guy meets a talking skull.
  • The Thing at the Foot of the Bed the title story in which someone sees something while taking that dare to sleep in a haunted house.

Scary Stories from Strawberry, Episode 3

More sometime soon!

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