I’m in Golden, Colorado for three days, doing work for a project needing photography of town and interviews with key city developers and citizens. It is a dynamic place full of active people, and the mountains around town provide more than nice rocks to look at; they do seem to be a key component of the life here.

Many people have recommended the views from one of the mesas (to the east) or the mountains (to the west), so I decided it was time to dust off the Gigapan and see fi I can render some scenes that might be of value to the project. (plus it would get me some much needed exercise).

So this morning I was hiking up the trail to South Table Mesa, which in the morning light did provide a stunning view of the entire town. I was also treated at the top to the sight of some coyotes romping (they said “yo” to me).

Here is the GigaPan scene generated; again the value here above a simple panorama, is being able to zoom in and mark areas, details as “snapshots” – explore this on the hosted scene:

I’m hoping to do one or two more from other perches. My rig (the early beta version of the Epic rig) does okay, but the quality of image I can get is limited to the resolution of my small Canon camera – see the current offerings, which are not cheap, for the Big Rigs at http://gigapansystems.com/.

And apparently there is a GigaPan iPad app that I might have to explore.

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  1. That is so cool! I bet we crossed paths the other day! We left Kansas yesterday and ended up in Granby, CO. Hoping to do a few days of hiking in the national park! Have a good time!

  2. Have you tried trekking up Lookout Mountain for some shots? There’s a mountain biking trail that would offer some nice shots and even from the top should be really cool! I live just outside of Golden :)

    1. Yes Gia, I went up Lookout Mtn yesterday! This one was taking from one of the pull outs

      The angle was better here. The top did not have a good clear wide open spot, and might have been too far to get good detail. I hike up the trail a bit from Windy Saddle, but the light turned gray (and then it rained) but what a fantastic walk ti was! I really love all the trails the town has.

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