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This may be the highlight of my trip to Australia. I came all this way to where a Team Canada hockey jersey to push a lawnmower..

But this art spells COGDOG! Woooooooot

Cutting grass. I’ve not pushed a power lawnmower since sometime the 1980s, but as just a small part of a fun two days hanging out with Rowan Peter was getting this opportunity to mimic the feat he pulled back in March when he traced a ds106 into his grass.

In fairness to the crying of Jim Groom, he can pump his pride knowing the reason Rowan discovered ds106 from its beginning almost a year ago was Rowan already a reader of BavaTuesdays.

So Rowan demonstrated his craft0 he had been honing the canvas in anticipation of my arrival. We discussed the challenges of a capital “G:, and opted for the lower case. Rowan marked a grid out for each letter, and showed me how he shapes the letters.

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

I got a bit of cutting in myself, see how hard I am working? Endlessly.

This was but a small part of a great day- Rowan and family took me on a Sunday drive on the Yarra Valley, where we sampled wine, coffee, lunch on a big red couch at the Yarra Valley Grand Hotel, and a trip to the top view of the Dandenong range. I could not resist many photos of Rowan and his adorable son:

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog

It was a full day, and we got back to Rowan’s house ready for a nap– til we got revved up about lawn art. After a tasty barbecue meal, we got on ds106radio, where I discovered some of the loneliness of this time zone- no one was awake!

We broadcast for 45 minutes with this audience (because zero is the Lambian Goal) until @dkernohan and @aforgrave broke in for some banter.

Here is the archive for any nuts that may want to recant our evening- there was some hilarity and a lot of Little Creatures Pale ale flowing:

ds106 Radio from Rowan Peter’s Home

And this is only half the fun- tomorrow will include our visit to the Giant Theremin and other sites in downtown Melbourne.

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  1. You win! I regularly push the live ds106 stream down to zero when I’m on, but have always had a few listeners. To roll double zero like that, I’m impressed, and jealous.

  2. I love that image of Alex, man is that kid cute. And again with the animated GIFs from real life, I am like that development.


      1. Rowan,

        I think I told you my special lady friend, Anto, is currently enthralled by the idea of Australia—so we might take you up on that sooner than you think 🙂 So, how much of Mad Max took place in Melbourne? Was it where is house was and where the police station was? How about that most awesome car chase at the beginning of the movie? I am intrigued because I can think of nothing more awesome than a Mad Max trilogy tour (or at least the first two films, the third is a total throw away). Where did they film The Road Warrior?

        1. Throw away?!

          Alright, so most of the film is pretty awful, but the number of one liners it produced were great for nerd-nights.

          Pigkiller: Remember: no matter where you go, there you are.

          Aunty Entity: And what did you do before all this?
          Max: I was a cop, a driver.
          Aunty Entity: But how the world turns. One day, cock of the walk. Next, a feather duster.

          And of course “Two men enter, one man leave!”

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