Lastly, and I really ought to just finally go to sleep– today’s photo adventure presented three scenes that turned into animated GIFs. I am finding that keeping my T1i in the mode the shoots successive shots, I can get a series of photos suitable for GIFing.

First up, while waiting for the bored barista to make our coffee, I spotted this lonely accordion player, and the scene was made funny when a woman popped out of a door next to him. it is only 3 frames, and maybe it would be better to isolate the central motion, but the jerking of the guys in front makes it comical to me.

The next ones were done in the last bits of light during the day, I walked from my hotel over to the Shrine of Remembrance. I waited a while for some Euro-dudes to stop hogging the shot I wanted with the eternal flame in the foreground- this series had some interesting stills, but I like it even more in motion:

This was saved as a 128-bit dithered GIF- by just curiosity, I made another one using the restricted palette option in PhotoShop, creating more of a posterized version:

These are done in the same manner as my other photo generated animated gifs — I used the option Files -> Scripts -> Load Files into Stack… This places each image in its own layer. I chose the option to “Attempt to Automatically Align Source Images”.

Once loaded and I am looking at the animation window, I have to flip it to the time line version, and adjust the sliders so one frame is available on a short time span. Then I flip it back to the icon view, select them all, and set the interval to 0.1 second. generally I have to crop it to make sure there are not see through areas on the edges.

I’m going to keep my out out for more scenes where movement might work well as a photo-animated-gif.

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  1. I actually saw the flame images in your flickr first and was wondering if they were the basis of an animated GIF, well, now I know. I love animated GIFs from real events, and the woman walking out of the door to discover an accordian playing clown is awesome.

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