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Daily Create Recaps (though March 18)

So much going on lately, so little blogged, time to re-train this blog dog. The activity on the Daily Creates seems to have dovetailed a bit, likely as other people are hitting this same stretch. Yet, I want to practice what I say in that while the challenge is daily, there is zero reason to talk about guilt or sorry for not doing them- it’s your practice without obligations.

(there is some exception for my ds106 students, who are still obligated to do 3 per week, and summarize them).

So this past week…

TDC 69: You have three hours left to live, what would you do, where would you go, and why.

I would not try to cram a bunch in, but go to my favorite spot in the Coconino National Forest, near my Arizona place. It has a sweeping, ranging view off of the Mogollon Rim, and has been a place full of memories of past visits there. I’d just relax, reflect, and watch the sun go. It would of course, be better to be surrounded by friends and family, but it is so lovely, even alone is not bad.

TDC 68: A three second video of beauty, made from 1 second clips

Y’all missed out on s super easy one. I really like the Spring theme one created by Norm. Mine was done in evening desperation, as I was getting ready to snack on my last three carrots. Something said I would find beauty in orange colored food.

TDC 67: Make an artistic photo that includes one of your toes.

Artful Toe

Toe art! I took the short cut and ran a photo through the iPhone ToonCamera app.

TDC 66: Tell the world in a five minute video why ds106 is the best things since… (cat breading)

We set this Daily Create up to gather some student/participant voices for a video we have been asked to provide for the Chronicle of Higher Education… I wanted the cat breading thing to be funny, not the topic, but in a way, it is so relevant (see the literal interpretation done by Sandy Jensen Brown). I had done my video at DTLT in front of a green screen I had used earlier in the day for another video project, mainly because it had an uncluttered background, and when I looked at it, I thought, why not try the green screen capability in iMovie.

TDC 65: Show us the work space where you do your creative stuff

My desk in the basement, Darn iPhone camera, I never can seem to hold the orientation. Oh well.

TDC 64: Make a creative photo of a boundary

Between In and Out

I like this kinds of assignment because they are wide open to the way you interpret them… doorways appeal to me as boundaries that are not really binding.

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration. I’ll admit I had to take yesterday off in order to grade final research papers in one grueling ten hour marathon. I kept telling myself I could do TDC as soon as I finished, but alas, nothing left at the end.
    BUT I’m headed out the door for Berkeley and a one week workshop at the Center for Digital Storytelling, so watchferit!
    Great summary here; good student modeling!

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