Time for a little bit of Rock and Roll GIF-action (“I can’t get no…”) for the ds106 GIFfest, this in response to the Rock ‘n Roll ‘n GIF call… actually a few different music action sequences from the BBC documentary on the Who’s Quadrophenia, Can You See the Real Me?.

Besides the retrospective perspectives fro those who were there, te film has some short performance segments from both their Mod days in the 1960s and the early- mid 1970s when the band was performing Quadrophenia in concert.

First, we have some windmilling Young Pete Townsend, powering the chords to “Can’t Explain”


Much of the old performance portions in this film have a lot of zooming and uneven camera handling, so I ended up working with rather short bits.

Next we have some old and young John Entwhistle, him recalling with horror when the band got their “mod” hair cuts:


And who could be more GIF-able than the wild flailing drumming of Keith Moon? This is a double segment from the 1973 performances, with the second one Moonie showing his dramatic intonation while singing “Bell Boy” (Townsend’s remarks on how he dealt with Moon were priceless):



And last we have… “Who are you?” “Roger”. “And Roger where are you from…”

This one is my favorite, for the overlaying of 1973, Big Hair, Look at my Chest Daltry over his mod-dressed 12960 version, The alignment of their body language was perfect!


GIF ‘n Roll with Never Die!

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    1. Thanks. I have a real handle now on doing these in Photoshop and combining elements in frames; I can see it as possible in GIMP, but the animation palette makes it so easy. Look for some documentation in a blog near here.

  1. Spent a little quality time with Pete’s auto-bio today, so got a kick out of seeing this. Allow me to add to the chorus of huzzahs for that double-Roger.

    Merry Christmas, you wonderful dirty dog.

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