Look ma, no guilt!

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo shared by Alan Levine

This is for of course today’s ds106 Daily Create:

Create a pass or certificate that allows you to not complete this Daily Create.

My free association mind went to Monopoly Chance and Community Chest cards, which are things well worth keeping in your wallet. To make this I found a copy of a Get Out of Free Chance card on flickr. There is some kind of weird rights issue I am too violating, since this person uploaded a photo of something copyrighted than marks it as All Rights Reserved in flickr. My use of it is a political idealogical lazy ass statement.

Anyhow, this was some basic Photoshop mockup work. The source image is not very large or clear, but that’s the motif. I begin these by trying to match the font with the original text, and found that Helevetica Neue was a spot on copy for the GET OUT OF JAIL text (it is a classic font after all). So I wrote my new text, edited it, rotated to match, changed font size and spacing to match, then clicked the color box, and used the eyedropper to pick the brownish color for text from elsewhere on the card. This is a key tip for photoshopping signs and posters, color matching

Selecting text colors from other parts of image in photoshop (click image for larger size)

Selecting text colors from other parts of image in photoshop (click image for larger size)

I then went back to the source image layer, and used the clone brush to cover up the original text with copies of blank areas of the card.

The text was still too clear, so I use Gaussian Blur filter (1.2 pixels) to make it look closer to the original (note that this rasterizes the text to graphics to no longer be editable, so be sure you have it write, or make a copy layer first). I did the same for the original copyright date in the top right and the bottom small text which is inscrutable (I made it the URL).

So save this card for a rainy uncreative busy day

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  1. Cool! And I’ve seen that All Rights Reserved thing on copies of copyrighted images. What we are doing is probably “fair use” but just a picture of someone else’s image??…. I can imagine an infinite series of “all rights reserved” images going down to the foundational original. Kinda how CC-BY-SA works?

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