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Don’t Stop the FedWiki Party

If you thought Mike Caulfield was excited for months about Smallest Federated Wiki, you should read what he thinks after bring a great group of folks to his FedWikiHappening… over the Christmas holiday. And while my Kool-Aid consumption is at a positively high level, I am not quite there to Mike’s. But as they overly […]

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The New JIME Is Here!

Navin R. CogDog: The new JIME’s here! The new JIME’s here! Harry Groom: Boy, I wish I could get that excited about nothing. Navin R. CogDog: Nothing? Are you kidding? Page 106 – Levine, Alan H.! I’m somebody now! Millions of people look at this paper everyday! This is the kind of education publicity – […]

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Tap. Tap. Is this Thing On? 2014?

In past years I have done the extensive mailing of hand made letters/cards to friends and family. I have also done nothing too. I’ve done web based greetings. I’ve done lame text messages. Gotta mix up the game. With being away from home in Canada since late October, the plans for anything year end have […]

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Federated Index Cards

I vaguely remember the way we were taught in high school to research and write a paper. After formulating the topic/hypothesis, we constructed outlines. Then off we would trudge to the library, and use things like the antique card catalog, Citations index to find our sources. As we read books, rolled microfilm, we would use […]

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Randomly() Yours

Do you really know where your next blog post will come from? Mine kind of pop up like… driving down the road with a destination in mind, and an curious road sign appears. How can you not take that turn? Is that critical you get to Palookaville by 4? Mine started with (like many) a […]

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Poetic Genius on The Other Path

Some of most jaw-dropping breath-stealing moments are when I see/hear how someone has used a tool, medium I have had in my hands many times, and completely does something I never even imagined possible. Creating within constraints is some of the best stuff you can try. The other day, Bryan Alexander tweeted a link to […]