Only rhizomes can explain why this idea popped into my head. Maybe it was seeing the #rhizo15 tweets. But there it was, a song going in my head. In the middle of the day I was looking up the tabs.

I waited at least until after dinner to write some lyrics. And then practice a few times. And maybe 3 takes. For what it’s worth, an honest (warbly on the vocals) tribute to the real Rhizome Cowboy

The words/chords ( a few of the extras, like the walking bass line are in the tabs)

And since Soundcloud truncates the graphic a bit… the album cover:

Not available in stores!

Not available in stores!

Top / Featured image credit Creative Commons licensed (BY-ND) flickr photo by Forest Farming:

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  1. That is *perfect*. Dave will henceforth always be the Rhizome Cowboy to me.

    Love the line about the plateau, some kind of genius right there.

  2. Now I have this song in my head!! And the album cover is over the top. Perfect start to #rhizo15. This is what I love…the idea starts and then the rhizome takes it to a whole other realm. Not stealing…but jamming (@dogtrax) and creating something new.

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