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I’m a bit lagging behind some of my other colleagues, meaning my price went up a little, but I just moved my freight cars worth of social book marking links to pinboard.

I will color myself lame old tired fried sepia-toned and nostalgic, but the simplicity and deftness of pinboard remind me of the original at (as those who were part of it P.Y. Pre-Yahoo).


I started with social bookmarking when it was AMAZING in 2004. I found my first bookmarks from February 2004… now that I dig around my first bookmarking tool was furl.

old links

With some great susprise, I see that 2 out of three of this links bookmarked 12 years ago still work.

But I saw all the cool kids using and started doing things like building my own bookmarklet tools, exploring collaborative tagging for projects, and of course the things one could do with RSS feeds. The geekiness of it was knowing how to read and write URLs that did something, almost like programming via URL. I even did things like making presentations materials via a tag and bookmark tagging was at the core of alot of things I was doing in the mid 2000s with the NMC Horizon Reports.

Over some stretch of years I piled up 8000 some links (still floating out there at


Alas, ‘s falling from the sky in 2011 was an early signpost on the trend of What Were Once Great Web Tools Being Shoveled Under The Ground

I did use the newer version for a few years, though my bookmarking got less consistent. Some time (Hmmm I cannot find in my own blog) with some advice from Darren Kuropatwa I did export my delicious links and moved them to diigo. Darren told me his method of setting up diigo to back copy anything added to to delicious and also some ball of twine recipe to push things bookmarked ti evernote. Heck, for all I know that might be going on.

Now I do not want to get into a hoo-hah about which bookmarking is “best”. I used diigo for a few years, but frankly always felt lost in the site. All I want is bookmarking, not groups, not annotations, not all the other features that are there. Plus, there are no universal tags in diigo, the only way to work together is in a group. And to be honest, I had a hard time finding my own bookmarks in diigo. Stuff I swore I bookmarked were not there, and all the stuff I imported from delicious were time stamped with the date I imported them, not the original bookmark date.

Honestly it was the joy of reading the blog and brilliant presentation notes of developer Maciej Ceg?owski that got me looking at pinboard.

So I signed up, imported my 10,000 bookmarks, and let it sit a while. I have been using the bookmarklet tool, and am getting back into the habit, but this is really about me managing a sane searchable bookmark collection.

I have a bit of a tag glut problem… that’s for a future day, or never to cleanup.

bookmark glut

But I like the feel, the leanness, and the sometimes quirky statements you find on the site that ooze the presence of the person behind it.

Creative Commons licensed deviant art image by strangers_with_candy1

Creative Commons licensed deviant art image by strangers_with_candy1

But for now, I am happily bookmarking like it was 2004.

Top / Featured Image Credits : flickr photo by pixelchecker shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

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  1. Good call. I moved to pinboard a while back…but I don’t really bookmark anymore, it seems, so it’s mostly sat fallow. Someday maybe…

  2. Hey Alan, I agree and feel like you 100%!! Effectively, neither the “new” deliious nor diigo now support universal tags, so I’m frustrated with my class’ social building of a distributed resource-db, which was easy to do earlier in the century.
    Let me see if pinboard works in this sense. Does it also allow for RSS through URL-building?

  3. I’ve been using Diigo for a long time, and while I do like it, I’m like you. I sometimes find it hard to located links I know I bookmarked.

    We do use diigo groups for a couple of my classes. Ok, I’m probably the main bookmarker, but some of my networking students do add links to the KSU Networking group and we discuss them in class.

    I have another group set up, but I am just about the only one who contributes links to it, called DigMeU. I originally conceived of it as a way to distribute content that would be interesting to digital media students. There is some really cool stuff in it. Maybe it is time to look at moving to pinboard? I still think social bookmarking could be an important component of DS106, but maybe there are better ways to do this sort of thing now.

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