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Return to Old Style Bookmarking with Pinboard

Big news! Not. I’m a bit lagging behind some of my other colleagues, meaning my price went up a little, but I just moved my freight cars worth of social book marking links to pinboard. I will color myself lame old tired fried sepia-toned and nostalgic, but the simplicity and deftness of pinboard remind me […]

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Under the delicious fallen sky

Continuing on the chicken theme? Only the little kind. It’s been almost a month since the sky fell on delicious.com. In news that spread at retweet speed, a leaked screenshot from a Yahoo inside briefing had listed the social bookmarking site delicious as being in the chopping block. Or is it chopped? And so ensued […]

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cc licensed flickr photo shared by tourist_on_earth I’ve written previously (not that I remembered, I had to use my own blog search) on the challenge of tag juggling when one’s tagging habits have sprawled so much one wonders how many can they keep in the air. And its been something we’ve been discussing for the […]