I sure were excited ’bout leadin’ a new herd of ds106 calves from the Kansas State University ranch. Me ‘n Bill even planned stuff over beans and a fire and even ole Hatchet Jack was ready to become unfrozen to be doing a new round of DS106.

And when I got word from the KSU asking for my official papers, I was thinking this was a done deal.

But a messenger rode up late last night with the dispatch I was without a crew. ‘Parrently there werent ’nuff young KSU students signin’ up to be part of this posse. I guess none of our clever movees stirred an interest, and not enuff saw our handsome posters hung all o’er town.

So I rode up to this here perch to take a view.

The Lookout- by Frederic Remington, public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

The Lookout- by Frederic Remington, public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

So I am still got a dedication to do a . Others have been murmuring of hitching up. Maybe some possibilities are:

  1. Some other university ranch might be willin’ to pitch me an offer to lead an online ds106 class. Not seeming likely this time of the season. But hey, gotta hang out that sign.
  2. I might just want, for fun, to pitch it out as we did in 2013 for the Headless DS106– those who want to ride, will do so, others may just watch the dust of fun leave ’em.
  3. Maybee I’ll just hang out a tip jar. The gold is not the reason us storytelling cowboys ride, but we do like some vittles, and a ride is a long journey.

No hard feelings on ya, KSU. We thoughts you had in ya, but meybe it’s just not the time.

Any other vaquero’s out there got ideas? I’m gonna be hammering out a plan to be ready for ya by January 2016. That there email signup form is now working at http://106tricks.net if you want to be in the dispatch loop.

No matter what happens, you cannot beat the wide open views up here.

Top / featured Image Credit: Arizona Cowboy by Frederick Remington, public domain image from Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Ah darnit! too bad. I am all ready to hitch up myself, if we do a headless thingie or something like that. An open course for those who want to play? If you hang out a tip jar, I’ll throw some gold your way!

  2. Bummer lamb, dude. I wondered about that… Bryan Alexander has been ringing the death toll of Queen sacrifices, and I can’t help thinking there’s a connection between the general bad health of academia and the failure of undergraduates to pay attention to opportunity knocking.
    I’m staying tuned to this frequency to see what happens.
    I don’t imagine a random fifty bucks will help the tip jar much.
    Not sure what is needed. I seem to be practically one of only 3-4 others who occasionally daily create, so it isn’t like there are obvious masses of the fairhful hanging around the water cooler.
    These things take focus and leadership and with Jim Groom’s mind pretty firmly elsewhere now, there are vibrational gaps in your creative field…

  3. Shuckins! The young KSU calves missed an opportunity for sure. Maybe a new age cowpoke to spark some interest – do you think Blake Shelton or Keith Urban mights sign on for a poster or two? Maybe Garth can put in a plug on his tour or give permission to mix up a song or two?

    While the undergrad posse could sure learn from this – maybe we connect a group of those teacher types that need credit and skill building in digital art? Target the GEG (Google Educator Groups) – I know of a university or two that would accept a syllabus and offer credit if needed with short turn around….but these days it seems even for them thar teachers – they don’t get nuthin’ back for credits anymore – so badges and personal learning at a price they can afford…. How bout that Ben W. guy in CO – seems there might be a herd or two of educators who need the chance and would like this trail.

    Got my cowgirl thinking cap on….let’s see if we can lasso this one up!

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