Are you getting tired of my Facebook catfishing rants? Too bad, they won’t stop until I get some answers.

But here, something that is in the good news category, via twitter.

How about that? Can I toot my own horn and not be seen like the horn tooters that roll my eyes? Too bad. This is great.

Grade 5 students in Bulgaria using my little flickr cc attribution helper (you can see it on the screen in the foreground).

Twas I inclined, I’d make it an True Story of Open Sharing, but I will just keep it here with my smile on.

You go, Bulgaria. Teaching kids to have the awareness and skills that outfits like MSN Mpney, EdSurge, and don’t (to be fair, EdSurge did catch on).

Top / Featured Image: My own compositive of a still frame, a single tiny solitary frame, from a “Standard Youtube Licensed” 3 second clip from Monty Python’s And Now For Something Completely Different, and superimposed in the background, the cheery unicorn that is unattributed but found in some blog post on unicorns.

What kind of license is this? I call it CC-WTF.

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