When the plea to DS106 goes out…

Of course a response needs to be made

So we have an Assignment in the DS106 Assignment Bank. But I wanted to do one.



“One Way” did not do it for me, but in my mind I heard the Beatles. Yes. Fans screaming for Open Education.

I found a nice photo in the Telegraph article on how the Fab Four had fans in Russia


It’s not licensed anything. Oh well. It’s art. I’m going down.

but in my mind I saw re-writing the woman’s sign labeled “Paul” and replacing the Fab 4 with the Keynote 5.

Some PhotoShop masking and clone brushing, and having handy a Sergeant Pepper font, I present


And this might be my first response to something in the Assignment Bank for like 2 years.

Have fun at (sniff sniff, sad sad)

Top / Featured Image Credits: Screen capture from YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9reE4UZZrA which I can guess is a Beatles cover band (?) — cause you are not likely to find much Beatles searching for images licensed for reuse.

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  1. This comment is later than planned… it was a crazy week. Just wanted to this is fab, and made me smile. Closest I’ll ever get to the Beatles, so thank you!

    Wish you were going to be at OER16.

    1. Thanks Catherine. I am going to have many many regrets about not making it to OER16 if only for the people who will be there. Choosing to pass was partly financial but more a need to reclaim my travel time. Last year was 75% away from home, all for good things.

      My sense of regret will increase into mid April. I will make it over to visit sometime…

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