It took more than 3 months to get here, but having waiting 50 years, well I’m patient.

Within a fancy red velvet covered box I got my Joslin Center Medal for having lived with Type 1 Diabetes for 50 years (that line was crossed in late October 2020).

The details were spelled out when I applied:

Thank you Joslin Center for running the medals program. Thanks for my parents (deceased) who cared so much and worried far more than I knew as a kid. Thanks to all the staff of Camp Glyndon in the 1970s who taught me how to thrive with diabetes. Thanks to my wife Cori who cares so much and can detect I have low blood sugar before I know.

I’ll be back for another application in 25 years. I’m hoping to catch up with Richard Vaughn who already crossed the 75 year line.

Why not 100?

For now, getting to 50 is a good, not glucose raising, sweet feeling.

Featured Image: My Joslin Center 50 Year With Diabetes medal, just out of the box. Once the photo gets to flickr, it will be shared under CC0.

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  1. I am so very proud of my little brother! And yes, we did call you a brat once in a while! You have had your ups and downs dealing with type 1 diabetes. You have not let having diabetes stop you from following your dreams. 50 years is amazing! I have no doubt you will make it at least 25 more years! Love you!

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