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This Old Catfish

I pretty much gave up on writing about and hoping that writing about catfishing might have some impact (yup just checked, more than 2 years since last post on it). Of course that hardly means that anything has changed; the scamming of people luring into false romance contact using my photos on fake profiles and […]

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The Catfish I Remember

My fury over Facebook Catfishing was still simmering in the morning (I am far from done). And then, by some kind of weird sort of cosmic serendipity, the song I heard playing on my iPod (one of 4000+ songs randomly shuffled) was the sign Catfish by Bob Dylan. How is this even possible? I heard […]

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A Catfishing Page

Tonight I got another distraught and ashamed email (“You must think I’m stupid”) (No I do not). This message someone who just had the veil lifted from their eyes and found they were a victim of a catfishing scam from a fake person wearing my photos. I decided to copy Alec Corous and set up […]