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Day 5: Technology You Cannot Live Without

The Daily Create Seven Day Challenge piles up hard this week, with another video one today (I did not even look to see what was lined up when I made the challenge). For today’s we have 18 Challengers still standing, which is respectable. Where’s the others? preparing to have sand kicked into their faces, I bet?

Today was another in a series suggested by @noiseprofessor, a philosophy series, “What technology you cannot live without?”:

What can you expect? Mobile phones? Web sites? Computers? Cars? Check out some favorites below the fold…

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cc licensed ( BY NC SD ) flickr photo shared by Gary Denness I did something dumb on the internet. I should have known better. I should not have clicked. I should not have filled out the form. But, I did. The thing is, when you are cruising through the z-space, your 99.99% vigilance is […]


Google AdWords Ego Searching

C’mom, admit it, you’ve ego surfed… typed your name into Google to see what you come up with, or if your site is in the top ten. No? Just me?

Well here is a new game to play, see what ads a Google search leads your name to.

This all came about since a colleague mentioned that the prolific and generous linking Stephen Downes had posted something on his “home page” about me. An…. ahem… full URL is always better, but just being curious, I used the search box on Stephen’s site which uses Google search. I lost interest in combing the results, but got curious about all the AdWord references to me.

And curiosity got the better of me so a clicking I went ….