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#NetNarr NDAs (Non-Disposable Assignments)

I might be a broken record but again and again I return to David Wiley’s description of the disposable assignment (and what the potential is to be the opposite): These are assignments that students complain about doing and faculty complain about grading. They’re assignments that add no value to the world – after a student […]


A Door Opens on a New #NetNarr in 2018

Since Hollywood movies are bereft awash with sequels, look out open course watchers; NetNarr returns to the internet screens next week, another feed syndicated open course don’t call us a MOOC blockbuster. Last year’s course where I (Alan Levine) co-taught from afar to a class led by Mia Zamora at Kean University was one of […]

Australia 2017, Syndicated

On Transformations

My last night in Melbourne was partly spent on the dramatic 37th floor view of the city from the KPMG building, this being a special evening to honor the International Specialised Skills Institute Fellowship Awards Ceremony. I should add that this is their 27th year of awarding this fellowships, and still, few colleagues I met […]