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We Can Flip More Than Classrooms

cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by thebassoonist12 If a classroom can be flipped to make better use of time and group processes, why are we not flipping more things? I’ve spent three days in Austin attending a conference in the same model going back how Ook ran them in 2500 […]

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cc licensed flickr photo shared by aliceskr It’s been rattling around in the grey matter since Saturday, an un-organized strand of thoughts about the TEDxNYED event— and lacking a clever title, I made it a past tense verb (and that is something I expect no one to even spot as clever). Just to set the […]

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Rock the Academy The Video

Inspired by the brilliant twitter love video by Martin I have been thinking of trying my hand at the craft, so here is a promo video for the upcoming NMC Online Symposium on Rock the Academy: Radical Teaching, Unbounded Learning. So I stretch the stereo type of “traditional” academy, but it’s all in fun. And […]

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Rock the Academy!

image based on Creative Commons licensed flickr photo by Kevin Lim The next NMC Virtual Symposium is Nov 4-6, but early registration ends tomorrow, so don’t miss out. Rock the Academy, the twelfth in the NMC’s Series of Virtual Symposia, will explore the kinds of ideas and activities that are changing the shape of education […]