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Propelling a Course By Something Other than Content

My “involvement” in #rhizo15 is pretty much listening to the tea leaves in twitter, today’s bits had a fair bit of rumbling about “Content is People!” When I read Simon’s post I really had expectations of a DEVO song. But in reading/watching Dave’s question about the Myth of Content, the “people are content” thing is […]

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I’m Making Crappy Quality Videos on Purpose

Only put your best work out on the public web. You do not want potential employers to find your inferior, embarrassing work. You will look bad. Because, they will judge you solely on THAT and not where it sits in a continuum or body of work. I’m countering that with the “Front Stage” videos I […]

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You Show Show Notes

A credible, textbook design process includes extensive pre-planning, testing, reviewing feedback, and making public once it has been thoroughly scrutinized. That’s not happening here. The previous post was syndicated here from a new project being hastily assembled by me and Brian Lamb at TRU as part of my Fellowship. Part of the package was running […]