For day 2 od the digital story a day month, I am strong. I am not wavering. In honor of the crazy movement that started ds106 even before it started, I made an animated GIF of my good friend Bryan Alexander.

I visited with him and his family yesterday, and besides playing nerf gun wars in the woods, his son also had me playing Halo 3, Bioshock, and Fallout 3.

In between, Bryan graciously agree to record a short video for an upcoming version of Amazing Stories of Openness. I asked him to do a shot outdoors, maybe holding his iconic axe. He just naturally gestured with it!

For a quick and dirty process, from the video I pulled 5 frames (opened in QuickTime Player 7, I did a copy from each frame, and when you open a new doc in the Preview app, it inserts what is on the clipboard which I saved as a PNG. From there, I opened all 5 in photoshop, one per layer, and used the Animation window to put them on a timeline. Resized and save as GIF, and we are done.

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