He got there first. Todd Conaway was onto the combination of the MacGuffin Alternative movie ending combined with last year’s craze activity of animmated GIFs.

I decided to take an animated GIF I did last time around from the classic card game between Harry Gondorf (Paul Newman) first out hustles Doyle Lonnegan (Robert Shaw) in a poker game on the train. Given I had my originals in a photoshop file with layers, I simply made a text layer of the final line, duplicated it seven times, and then did a progressive removal of text and merged to the original layers to overlay the MacGuffin line.

Anyone can churn out a pile of MacGuffins in a few hours, but who can out dog the Animated MacGIFin?

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  1. Sheesh, I can’t even get through my reader subscriptions, watch the flipping WEBINAR recording, post responses to this #change11 mooc, comment on all these ds106blogs, listen to ds106radio, MacGuffin my face off…(never mind, y’know…house work, spending time with family, etc)…

    …And now you and Todd are laying down the gauntlet? Bring. It. I’ve got nothing better to do. (Anymore)

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