Day 4 of the Seven Day Daily Create Challenge brings you an audio challenge, to record an audio of a really annoying telemarketing call. Obviously many people have gotten these! We have to date 18 of them in the collection.

There was definitely some fun with it as people came up with annoying voices or products. Some of the favorites are just below the blog fold.

Wes Fryer perfects The Voice in his pitch for a home nasal device

Debt collectors figured prominently, such as this gem from UMW student Chanda

Martha reveals the telephone pitch that got her the job at Camp Magic Macguffin

For those difficult situations in offices with a shared fridge, well there’s a product for that

And maybe the most original idea pitched,. Audrey Watters got a call offering the opportunity to pawn for college degree

Again I am tickled to see the creativity roll in, and people are especially paying attention to including graphics in their Soundcloud uploads.

People like Malkwyn are staying tough with the challenges!

And when asked, Michelle gives an impressive answer why she is doing the challenge

Again, the key is going to come when its time to weave your 7 Daily Creates into one story! Don’t give up yet!

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  1. I Love the Degree Pawn one… & Martha’s sounds unreal. Like I feel as if a job offer came like that, I would delete the message. That was a nice daily create..

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