Your week of Daily Create Challenges is almost over. Are you still in it? Today is another audio one, “Flip the decibels- Make a loud sound soft or a soft sound loud” — and very clever because the creativity is both in the choice and thinking about it, and the execution of it.

While 25 people joined the Soundcloud group, as of today I see 12 sounds, which leads me to think people are still working on it (if they do not, the drill sergeant is going to make them run laps all night in the rain).

I really enjoyed the variety here, and these are going to be very interesting media used for the final mashup challenge. A few favorites sit below the blog fold.

Brushing the teet was VEYR LOUD! I hope I do not get spit upon…

Norm lives on a street with an army of loud bugs

Cris records someone who is very very very thirsty

I am worried that Mohamed tossed out an important piece of paper (no, not his ds106 grade)

Andrew again mixes sounds richly, so we have a loud fan and a soft lullaby

Melanie stay with a troll unicorn theme- I guess the trolls are quiet? And the unicorns sound like normal horses!

Great stuff, tomorrow is the LAST day (but no reason to stop creating daily!) STAY FIT, SOLDIERS!

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