Memories In/Above the Ground

My calendar reminders were set; it was my memory that somehow put August 27 into tomorrow. My sister’s text message corrected the off by one error. Today marks the same calendar date that my Dad passed away, 16 years ago, and my mom went, ten years later. If you take a mathematical approach (and stop […]

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Force 10 From Mom Memory

Alister MacLean’s Force 10 From Navarone is another old hardback I bought at the Senior Thrift store in Pine, Arizona mainly as decoration for my bookshelf. But like Casino Royale and Sands of the Kalahari I end of enjoying them more off the shelf. Published in 1968, this version’s pages are yellowed; it is stamped […]

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No Puzzle about Missing Mom

Mother’s Day without your Mom leaves a big space to comb through the past. I cannot count myself fortunate enough that on my last visit with her in 2011 (never expecting it to be the last), that I got her to record some audio stories of her past, growing up, her family life, meeting my […]

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Gone But Reminded

The thing about remembering my parent’s anniversary on February 5 is knowing 3 days later is the date of Mom’s birthday. The calendar reminder popped up yesterday. Lest you think this is a sad thing, the photo above makes me smile at the fun we would have on her annual Thanksgiving visits to Arizona. From […]

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Would Have Been 66

They sure made the anniversary math easy by getting married in 1950. Today. 66 years ago. All I got was a calendar pop-up reminder. And a happy quick mind memory trip, with some rummaging through what feels like too small a set of digital photos. It can be hard to really imagine your parents as […]

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Cookies and Metal Airline Knives

It’s taken me 51 years to get around to baking cookies. Honoring Mother’s Day and my mom’s own tradition it seemed time to try. As a diabetic, chocolate chip cookies don’t work too well (yeah I know there is imitation chocolate), but recently I noticed in the inside of the Quaker Oats bin was a […]