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Open as in Apertures

“Open” as a descriptor of things is clear. A door, a faucet, an electronic circuit is open or closed. It works as well for learning things, e.g. educational resources, by a number of licenses. But applying open to concepts like pedagogy as witnessed by a long twitter ping pong and a Grand Groomian post if […]

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More Stories, Please?

cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Christian O. Harris On May 15th I am bringing a new round of Amazing True Stories of Openness to the Yavapai College Summer Institute and guess what? I WANT MOTE STORIES! A few people said they would do these last time, and fell short. […]

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Openness Begat Openness

It feels like an old song to me (nothing wrong with classics), but open content or open education IMHO is not solely focused on the things- the courseware, the things shared – its more about the spirit of sharing openly, and how that multiplies, sometimes on its own accord. This is but a tiny example, […]