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New Image Display for Pechaflickr

Just to demonstrate how glamorous my social life is, I spent a few hours Saturday night redesigning how my pechaflickr site displays its images. As far as I am concerned, it was an ideal evening. Okay, pechaflickr is a thing I made a number of years ago to provide a place to practice improvisation. It’s […]

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pechaflickr with less bugs

Bugs are prettier in photos than in code. I spent a few hours last night (and cleanup this morning) hammering some overdue fixes to pechaflickr, my random flickr + pechaflickr mashup If you have not played before, you enter a flickr tag, and the site generates a slideshow of 20 random flickr images in pecha […]

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Hanging Out Playing Pechaflickr

After seeing a few tweets today from @NancyWhite, @BryanAlexander, and @injeniuty about the ideas improv, I thought it was time to give a tryout to running PechaFlickr in a Google Hangout. Huh? PechaFlickr is a little experiment I built last year that combines Pecha Kucha with the improve act of Battle Decks all drawing random […]