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And There is Nixon and Elvis

Oh Google, what you do with my keywords. Unexpected images, then leading me down some memories. It’s mostly connected in loose strands of unexpected fibers. So I am working on an icon for a new secret half formed thing Brian Lamb and I are cooking up here at TRU. The metaphor is somewhat in the […]

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A Random Door to Hyperlapse Space

creative commons licensed ( BY-SA ) flickr photo shared by cogdogblog In 20+ years, the internet has never failed to provide me a continuous giddy stream of unexpected surprises. It makes Alice’s trip look like a cheesy 1980s VHS movie. This morning I cleaned a lot of duds, dead critters, and dust bunnies from my […]

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My God, It’s Full of Stories

cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by entrelec No one denies the power of story. We are wired for storytelling. It’s the world’s oldest tradition. It’s what makes us human. It matters for game designers. It produces results in business. People who market brands and specialize in SEO are storytellers. And […]

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Where’s Dave?

There are the paths of links that maketh up the web and then the paths of experience that make up another web. Sometimes it just gets tangled up in a ball of serendipity that really is not all that important in the long run, yet still tickles me. Today’s ds106 Daily Create was contributed by […]

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Accidental Timeline

By sheer accident I stumbled across the google search results display that matches results to a timeline, here is a technology timeline This apparently lists results that have both your search keyword and a date. I cannot figure out how I got there, but if you take any standard results, say the big wide search […]

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The Power of Goofing Off

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Jenny P. If we just lived our lives out by setting, pursuing, and meeting objectives, what a sterile world it would be. Here;s to what you learn when you are not expecting too, and for surfing by serendipity. Serendipity is following the curious post titles in your RSS reader, […]