Dumb idea. Why did this little worm crawl in my head today?

Someone was tweeting about the end of an open course. I have this thing about talking about the finality of something. Some things should end. But if it’s an open ended experience, why cement the fate with a pronouncement? Why not leave the possibility of what was built as a community, the connectivity continuing on when the MOOC is over?

And then in my head I heard… “When the MOOC is over…. turn off the site, turn off the site, turn off the site…”

with the lyrics possibly changed. What am I thinking? I cannot pull off a Jim Morrison. And the song weaves and moans all over the crazy 7th and 9th chords.

So I dumbed it down to something simpler. And in about 14 minutes, re-wrote the lyrics. My ability to play harmonica at the same time is kind of bleating the same rhythm. But hey, I already spent a chunk of time, so here it is, in one take. And I tossed in a re-write of Jimbo’s opening for “The Soft Parade”.

Of course, if all MOOCs were not over, we’d be drownedwith ongoing collaboration and camaraderie. That would suck.

I think I need a new hobby. Or just a hobby.

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  1. A Hobby is an invented thing to do when you are bored with life and it is not time for sleeping or being at work.

    But when you are #4life then Art is what you do a lot because the creating is what your brain does with extra cycles. Before you can get bored.

    So never get a Hobby when you are making Art like this.

  2. I do this often (creating song lyrics) but they tend to just stay in my head and don’t come out in writing and definitely not in song. The last time I picked up a guitar I had long hair, was studying to be a chef and it was the 1980s. But I think I will pick up that guitar again someday.

    Thanks for sharing Alan!

  3. The ghost of Jim Morrison visited me in the night once. I was listening to a Doors cassette while falling asleep and I was in that in-between place. Suddenly, I was awoken by Jim’s voice in all of it’s top of the range shakiness that it is so well known for…

    All he said was “Hey listen to this!!” but it was during 5 to 1 and the lyrics that followed were:

    Your ballroom days are over, baby

    Night is drawing near
    Shadows of the evening crawl across the years
    Ya walk across the floor with a flower in your hand
    Trying to tell me no one understands

    Trade in your hours for a handful dimes
    Gonna’ make it, baby, in our prime
    Come together one more time
    Get together one more time

    I think he was calling me out on my mortality – the thing that sucked was that I was like 13 at the time. Some might say that is way to young to be prompted into existential questioning by a self-destructive dead rock-star but this is my plight.

    In my experience very few endings are total. But change is ever present.

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