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19 Years on the 19th

Am I off my blog game or what? Can I blame Musk? Nahhh. D’Arcy Norman is on his game, and he observed how old his blog is– 20 years! That was my nudge to check my own blog birth stamp, and find, as often in my career I copied Mr Norman (soon to be Dr?). […]


Counting to 6×6 Starts at 0

I’m putting my stake in the ground to be part of the Write 6×6 extravaganza, but starting here a number 0 (also doing so to establish my tag). Writing 6 blog posts in 6 weeks should not be a challenge, it’s more about joining a group of colleagues doing the writing challenge together. As many […]


Declared for LiDA 103

Here we go with a blog post about blogging (maybe the most popular topic ever) as part of participating in the OERu open course Open education, copyright and open licensing in a digital world (LiDA 103). As an introduction, I have my calling card site at another domain, maybe the best internet address I could […]


Breaking the Blogjam

Hello, world. No, that’s been done before. But hello, empty WordPress editor, screen, even more sparse when the Gutenburger editor opens full screen. More white space. Forgive me blog, for it has been 11 days since my last post, and it’s been only 3 this month. Even doing my ALL CAPS tweets of impersonation has […]


Blog Address Know Thyself

Get ready for some arcane bits about figuring out web addresses. It’s hardly commentary on anything pro quo, more just trying to explain my ways. This happened more than a few times with last times I taught a course where students set up those dandy free blogs on WordPress.com, Blogger, and even tumblr. And it’s […]


Big Fish / Small Search Pond

Oh stats. I don’t typically look at the WordPress admin dashboard site stats, but it’s there. Sometimes a funny item pops out of the “top searches” display. What the heck was someone looking for when they put that into the google box? And how did they end up here? This I saw last night: I […]

Blogging, The PR Connection

Springtime Answers!

A question or even several of them, surreptitiously, slyly sent my way via a blog post. Even cleverly using my own photo as a featured image. “Well played, my friend.” was my comment in response. Alas, the algorithm remains #NotMyFriend. Some answers… Yes, the frequency needs an increase from very infrequent, to something more quasi-frequent. […]