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Blog Address Know Thyself

Get ready for some arcane bits about figuring out web addresses. It’s hardly commentary on anything pro quo, more just trying to explain my ways. This happened more than a few times with last times I taught a course where students set up those dandy free blogs on WordPress.com, Blogger, and even tumblr. And it’s […]


Big Fish / Small Search Pond

Oh stats. I don’t typically look at the WordPress admin dashboard site stats, but it’s there. Sometimes a funny item pops out of the “top searches” display. What the heck was someone looking for when they put that into the google box? And how did they end up here? This I saw last night: I […]

Blogging, The PR Connection

Springtime Answers!

A question or even several of them, surreptitiously, slyly sent my way via a blog post. Even cleverly using my own photo as a featured image. “Well played, my friend.” was my comment in response. Alas, the algorithm remains #NotMyFriend. Some answers… Yes, the frequency needs an increase from very infrequent, to something more quasi-frequent. […]


This is not the SEO You Were Looking For

Yes, I know what SEO is, a term I don’t profess any useful knowledge (or interest) in. My simple approach has been- you want a lot of people to see your stuff? Write/publish a lot of it, share it. But don’t try to crack some secret sauce success. No, I am writing about something different, […]


Inserting Images When You Cannot Upload Them

I’m a big proponent of using images with my online writing, all of my blog posts start with an image before I even write. But sometimes you do not have access to upload images, but with a little bit of know how you can sometimes insert them. This happened just today to Danny, a participant […]


The Little “b” and the Big “C”

Even after 15 years of cogdogblogging there’s nothing like the smell of a blog post about blogging in the morning. I’m thinking today of the people entering into the blog network of Ontario Extend. Some obviously are not new to web writing, but I’d best in many cases, seated in front of that keyboard, many […]