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Meet the AI storyteller? I could not resist the try of StoryAI after seeing this mention from Zach Whalen. After nothing the first results were “conventional”, Zach gave it a good test to see how much I was in the AI. I was as curious, but not maybe as clever. For a prompt I was […]

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Perpetual Motion Web Machines

I’m amazed the gears still turn on some of my old web sites. Sure, the old HTML still works, I have a conference “paper” on the web I did in 1994 that still functions. But it does not really provide more than static information. I smiled at seeing a tweet from friends in New Zealand […]

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That Cool Cool Cool Iris Wall

In some ways, I do miss 2009. Working last month with David Porter, I was reminded of a thing I was playing with back then… David remembers it may be better than me! That’s when I was fooling around with this browser thing called Cool Iris 3D Wall for the first round of what then […]