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Everyone was HBO (Here Before Oprah)? Fail.

C’mon twitter people, you are liming up zombie lemmings marching off the cliff. I see a stream of people in my stream tweeting something from a site boasting that they were in twitter before @Oprah. Monkey see, monkey click, monkey tweet. So there is a simple box on the site http://herebeforeoprah.com. In theory, you enter […]

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Blue Fire. by tesla1000 posted 16 May ’06, 12.49pm MDT PST on flickr Miles Waldrons T.C. Clintlightning@aol.com Like the web first did about 12 years ago, Twitter seems to have jumped an inflection point from something weird and for geeks only… to something else. Who would of thought? I did not when I first tweeted […]

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Going to NECC… 13 years ago

Hordes of edubloggers and more are descending on San Antonio for the NECC 2008 show (“the National Educational Computing Conference, the world’s largest educational technology conference for teachers and technology coordinators”). They will be a’blogging, twittering, flickring, tagging, ning-ing… see Vicki Davis’ coverage plan via netvibes. Colleagues like Hey Jude Judy O’Connell are winging in […]

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Yawn, Twitter’s Down, Yawn…

Yawn, Twitter’s Down, Yawn… by cogdogblog posted 5 Jun ’08, 8.38pm MDT PST on flickr Hardly news, but at least the folks at twitter are not wasting time spell checking the error messages .I’m guessing a LOLCAT is at the keyboard. Twitter is currently down for We are quickly fixing some discrepancies across our webserves. […]

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Family Blogging Effect

I know a number of bloggers who regularly write about their family, or have gotten family members into blogging. That’s neat by me, but largely, in my case, its been pretty much a case of avoiding Where Worlds Collide, not for any really good reason; they just seem pretty separate spheres of my own life. […]


Late Uber Mega SXSW Post

Blue, Red, and White Are Just Colors
It’s well over a week that my first experience attending SXSW Interactive ended, and a blog post is just wriggling out. I wavered, wafted, and decided on a different, lazy (lame) strategy… to just soak it all in and write something prophetic later. Well, this will likely fall short on most accounts.

And this is also a year when I am trying a few conferences out of the normal education technology realm, so I was wanting to be more reflective and… okay, I am lazy.

The idea of doing detailed sessions posts was not all attractive; earlier in my blogging I would try and do session blogging, but am not enthralled at being a stenographer. Second, I decided on a new tech strategy- I left the laptop in the hotel, and “lugged” (meaning slipped it in a pocket), my new iPod Touch. The hangup there was the wireless network at the Austin Convention Center got bogged down, so even a quick tweet was a long affair.


On Conferencing

My current report card might read, “Alan needs to improve his attention and focus at professional conferences, and perhaps work on a more positive attitude” On the heels of the 2008 ELI EDUCAUSE annual conference in San Antonio, it’s time to reflect once again on the conference experience. Be reminded, this is my own take, […]

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A Fracking Understatement posted 31 Jan ’08, 8.30am MST PST on flickr Twitter is surely loosing fans left and right, and really ought to be sharing more info than this crappy screen. Heck, I;’d rather see the cat in the server picture. I know! It was the severe twittering at the ELI EDUCAUSE conference that […]


Who’s Who in TwitDir

It took twitter quite some time to add a search bar so you can find fellow tweeters, so its no surprise that TwitDir arose as an outside tool serving as a Twitter Directory, claiming to allow you to search among 715,235 twitterers. And since this the season of contagious listmaking, TwitDir offers the answers to […]


The Technologist’s Big Lie

I use tihs line in several presentations. “Whenever some technology ‘expert’ (hey like me) gets up here and tells you that a technology will ‘save you time’ that should raise your red flags. This is a codeword for ‘I am lying and blowing smoke’”. It is a Big Lie. The Technology itself will not save […]