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Twittering While Blogging

Thanks to a for:cogdog tag in del.icio.us from D’Arcy, I am currently auto messaging my Twitter account just by publishing this post. Nice! Now I might keep twittering a bit longer. This is done by courtesy of Vicissitude’s Twitter Updater WordPress plugin where you can specify your account, what activities it triggers updates for, and […]

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Vectoring The #Thoughtvectors

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by Harry Scheihing I have no idea if this image has any meaning here. It’s fun. Or scary. Or just wrong. In which Alan finds that searching flickr for creative commons licensed images tagged “vector: gets alot of people’s efforts at graphic design with Illustrator, […]

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The Internet Was Built for Me

cc licensed flickr photo shared by bobtravis That’s me, second from the right. As a kid, I heard a lot of things cast my way (even from my folks) about being a “Smart Aleck” cause I had a snappy, saracastic answer to anything They never defined it, there was no google, so I just had […]

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I Can Haz DataBaze?

cc licensed flickr photo shared by cogdogblog They do. I want the world to know. (this is an hour after my second request submitted to their support email for help) Twas not a happy experience last 2 days with Dreamhost and a migration to their “private server” experience…. I had not responded to their first […]