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Always Be Attributing

An endless theme in the CogDogBlog House, promoting the radical, all so time consuming habit (invisible sarcasm tags here) of giving other people attribution for what they share. Eight years ago I hoped I had coined linktribution. Never caught on. But since I’m on a flickr roll as it seems from the confusion of licensing […]

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Licenses to a Yahoo T

Assume a deleted sentence above references not being employed in a certain legal position. You know the line. What mean ye license? late Middle English: via Old French from Latin licentia ‘freedom, licentiousness’ (in medieval Latin ‘authority, permission’), from licere ‘be lawful or permitted’. Is it freedom or is it lawful? This is where we […]


Compfight Makes Happy Dog

cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Stuart`Dootson I remain a big fan of compfight as my favorite tool for finding creative commons licensed photos from flickr. Just tonight I noticed the interface is updated- previously, clicking one of the small icon results launched the photo in flickr, now you get […]