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On Sharing, Rants

Your Licenses? Frankly My Dear…

I may be entering my curmudgeon era. On recent conversations with ed-tech friends, one in person, one by email, I recognize there are many things in our field that are likely very important, that, frankly I don’t give a damn about. These are things important to others that I find myself totally uninterested in: Virtual […]

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Open as in Not PDF

I’m quickly drafting a unit for the Creative Commons Certification on “Legal vs Technical Openness”. This is to address the difference between something that is shared according to license language but is not quite re-usable because of the file formats things are shared under. e.g. proprietary software ones, ones that may not have a long […]

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Are you looking at the opposite end of Creative Commons?

Have you had any success explaining what Creative Commons is to people completely outside of our field or for that matter outside the range of people who work online? My attempts veer into vague generalities about alternatives to copyright that allow creators to share— (insert eye glaze over). This is not necessarily problematic but more […]

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Opening Up Attribution with Mediachain

Attribution is a FBW (Frequently Blogged Word) around here. I’ve had some back if the brain pondering about how to extend my Flickr CC Attribution Helper to work with images from other CC licensed image collections that have a JavaScript API available (I am thinking of Pixabay, DeviantArt, and MediaWiki Commons as a start). I […]