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Doling Out URLs Still in Style

This morning’s “do the math and taste your antiquity moment” was before a workshop here at Universidad del Sagrado Corazón. In the euphoria of my first year on the web (which is honestly still euphoric) my first presentation about the web (and also on the web) was Providing Structured Multimedia Learning Environments- Mosaic for the […]

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A Feed WordPress Magic Box

This is a pondering not a promise. I’ve been thinking longer on this, but have a dream of rolling a lot of the custom coding I have done for past Connected Course projects (e.g. ds106, Thoughtvectors, ETMOOC, Future of Learning, YouShow— all building a syndication hub in WordPress using the Feed WordPress plugin, e.g. Connected […]

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Overworked in San Juan?

OMG, the working conditions I have this month (/me ducks)… no that is my afternoon on Sunday at the beach I can walk to from the Sagrado campus (Sunday morning was spent working on web sites, ok?) Seriously, it is full on weekdays and evening prep in the first 1 days here. So far I […]