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So Assignmenty

This word has been rumbling around in my head for a while. I used it recently when a colleague (I’ll leave the name out but it’s too not hard to find, and I don’t think they will mind) asked for feedback on an assignment for students to do something in social media. The assignment was […]

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Best of Show in Bookmarking

A post earlier this week on social bookmarking garnered the kind of comments that make me feel like it’s the edublogosphere of 2005. Talk about retro! Thanks to all. One thing that I have realized is that there are different goals in bookmarking… Personal organizing of bookmarks. Almost any tool mentioned and more would work, […]

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On Old School Social Bookmarking

I’ve found much resonance in this observation someone (I cannot remember who) shared with me — “Your mobile phone area code indicated where you lived in 2008”. It sounds odd until you recall what your own number is. Likewise, I think, you can gauge someone’s early web experience is (the kind that was Web 2.0 […]